1BooksTABboxes of books and music12 boxes in totaln/a
2BooksTABclassical records 78sinside danish cube end tablen/a
4ClothingTABOld Clothing in box with keepsakes1 box, Grace's black taffata jacketn/a
5ClothingTABOld dress of Maude's1 box - in cedar chest?n/a
6ClothingTABScarves and Hankies1 box - in cedar chest?n/adistributed
8ClothingTABCostume jewelry & related items1 boxn/a
9ClothingTABSweaters & dresses10 items on hangers, some vintagen/adistributed
10-01Misc - VasesTAB2 Painted Pots~7.5"x8.5", Made in Italy notated on bottomdistributed
10-02Misc - VasesTAB1 Painted Pot~6"x7", Created in Italy for Rossenthal-Netter Inc notated on Bottomdistributed
10-03Misc - VasesTABMedium Green octagon pot ~<3"x5", no markingsdistributed
10-04Misc - VasesTABLight Green round pot~4"x5.5"distributed
10-05Misc - VasesTABShell shaped (soap?) dish~5.5"x4.25", Italy notated on bottomdistributed
10-06Misc - VasesTABWatering Pitcher w/ Painted floral~6"x10", Italy notated on bottomdistributed
10-07Misc - VasesTABBrown w/ white interior pitcher (handcrafted holes)~6.25x6"x6.25"distributed
10-08Misc - VasesTABCrystal, Pressed & Cut glass, footed~6"x4.25"distributed
10-09Misc - VasesTABCrystal, Pressed & Cut glass~4"x2.75"distributed
10-10Misc - VasesTABPressed glass~6.75"x5.5"distributed
10-11Misc - VasesTABGreen translucent, column shape~6.5x>3"distributed
10-12Misc - VasesTABWhite, slightly tapered shape~6.5"x<3"distributed
10-13Misc - VasesTABSquare column, clear glass, 2 sides vertical pattern~6.25"x3.25"distributed
10-14Misc - VasesTABClear glass, Basketweave ridged pattern~6.74"x5.5"
10-15Misc - VasesTABGlass block~5.75"x5.75"x3.75"distributed
10-16Misc - VasesTAB5 floral frogs - various shapes / sizesdistributed
11-01Misc - BowlsTABLarge Bowl 10" dia x 1.25"Gabriel Pasadena #426
11-02Misc - BowlsTABMedium Bowl 7.5" dia x 4.25"Gabriel Pasadena #254
11-03Misc - BowlsTABSmall Bowl/Dish 5" dia x 1.25"Winfield Ware Handcraft China Santa Monica Calif
11-04Misc - BowlsTABSmall Dish 3 3/8" dia x 1.5"Gabriel Pasadena #121
11-05Misc - BowlsTABRectangle Dish w/handle 7" x 4" x 2"Winfield Ware Handcraft China Santa Monica Calif
11-06Misc - BowlsTABServing Plate 10.5" dia x 7/8"Winfield Ware Handcraft China Santa Monica Calif
11-07Misc - BowlsTABItalian Dragon Bowl 9.75" dia x 4.25"G-A Ravello
11-08Misc - BowlsTABItalian Dragon Cup 2 5/8" dia x 4.25"Deruta - 646/10 Assisi
11-9Misc - BowlsTAB3 stainless steel bowls 9", 7.25", 6"n.a.
11-10Misc - BowlsTAB2 Bowls Turquoise 8.75" dia and Blue 5.75" dia (Originally a set of 4)Pyrex - Made USA - Ovenware
11-11Misc - BowlsTABTerra Casserole - Black w/ brown1.5 quart - new in box & vintagePyrex - Made USA - Ovenware - 474-B11
11-12Misc - BowlsTABWood serving pieces, small cutting/serve boards11 Misc Serving and Cutting pieces
12MiscellaneousTABCollectibles1 box, curio cabinet contentsn/a
13MiscellaneousTABCollectibles1 box, various items on displayn/a
14-01Misc - DecantersTABClear glass Liquor Bottle w/ stopper (A)~10x4.5"; estb 1870 embossed on bottle and "Federal Law Forbids Sale or Reuse of this Bottle" is embossed on the bottle bottom.distributed
14-02Misc - DecantersTABClear glass decanter w/ stopper (B)10.5x4.5"; faceted stopperdistributed
14-03Misc - DecantersTABScotch decanter with stopper - pour spout~11.5x3.25"distributed
14-04Misc - DecantersTABClear glass decanter w/o stopper~7.5x3.5"distributed
14-05Misc - DecantersTABTapered corks
14-06Misc - DecantersTABClear glass cocktail maker w/ spout, bamboo stirrer and rattan wrapped handle~5.25x5"distributed
14-07Misc - DecantersTABMisc. stirrers2 glass w/ whistles, airlines, locations, etcdistributed
14-08Misc - DecantersTABBottle opener w/ clear lucite handle & silver(plate?) trim~5.75x1.5"distributed
14-09Misc - DecantersTABIce Bucket w/ lid; wood exterior stainless interior~7.25x8"distributed
14-10Misc - DecantersTABCrystal condiment/jam/spread dish w/ sterling lid~5.5x3.25"distributed
14-11Misc - DecantersTABCrystal salt/pepper dish w/ sterling spoon & lid~2.75x2.25"distributed
14-12Misc - DecantersTABClear pressed and etched glass decanter w/ stopper (X)~14x4"distributed
15-01Misc - GlasswareTABGlass 2 piece chicken shaped dish~5"x6.5"distributed
15-02Misc - GlasswareTAB6 Dessert PlatesClear Glass ~ 8"distributed
15-03Misc - GlasswareTAB8 Bowls w/ engraved designClear Glass ~1.75"x4.5", 4 w/ chipped rimdistributed
15-04Misc - GlasswareTAB2 Bowls w/ engraved designClear Glass ~ 2.5"x3.5"distributed
15-05Misc - GlasswareTAB4 Bowls no designClear Glass ~ 2.5"x3.5"distributed
15-06Misc - GlasswareTAB5 Liqueur GlassesClear Glass, column shape ~ 4.5"x1.5"distributed
15-07Misc - GlasswareTAB4 Liqueur GlassesClear Glass, bowl shape ~ 4.5"x2"distributed
15-08Misc - GlasswareTAB1 large glassClear Glass ~ 6.5"x3"distributed
15-09Misc - GlasswareTAB1 small glassClear Glass ~2"x2.5"distributed
15-10Misc - GlasswareTAB6 tapered Clear Glass ~3.25x3distributed
15-11Misc - GlasswareTAB6 generic / highball glasses Clear Glass ~ 5.5x2.75=5, 5.25"x2.75=1distributed
15-12Misc - GlasswareTAB6 sets, roundish + 1 extraClear Glass ~3.25"x3.5"=6, 2.25"x2.75"=7distributed
15-13Misc - GlasswareTAB6 water glassClear & Green ~5.5"x3", 3 w/ chipped base/footdistributed
15-14Misc - GlasswareTAB5 Liqueur GlassesClear & Green ~4.75"x2.75", 4 w/chipped rim & base/footdistributed
15-15Misc - GlasswareTAB9 dessert/fruit dishesClear & Green ~3.75"x3.75", 2 w/chipped base/footdistributed
15-16Misc - GlasswareTAB10 various design, pressed glass gobletsClear glass ~ 5.5"-6.25" x 3"-3.3", ~2 w/ small chips on base/footdistributed
15-17Misc - GlasswareTAB5 glasses JPL Space Satellites History Clear glass w/ designs of satellites 1950-1966, ~4.5"x3.75"distributed
15-18Misc - GlasswareTAB4 Liqueur GlassesClear & Green ~3.5"x2.6"distributed
15-19Misc - GlasswareTAB3 Liqueur/Wine GlassesClear & Green ~5"x2.5"distributed
15-20Misc - GlasswareTAB6 Wine GlassesClear & Gold ~ 6.25"x4.25", 1 w/ huge chip (chomp)distributed
15-21Misc - GlasswareTAB6 Mini Martini GlassesClear Glass ~ 3.5"x3.5", 2 w/tiny chipped rimdistributed
15-22Misc - GlasswareTAB2 Mini Martini GlassesClear Glass, stemware distributed
15-23Misc - GlasswareTAB1 pressed and cut glass or vase~5"x3"distributed
16MiscellaneousTABBronze Elephantapproximately 12" high, heavyn/a
17MiscellaneousTABCarved sleeping lionabout 7"x2x3.5, made of woodn/a
18MiscellaneousTABCarved sleeping kittywoodenn/a
19MiscellaneousTABWhite bust of maleabout 6" high, Greek?n/a
20MiscellaneousTABAntique Cup4.5" handpainted, black, gold rustn/a
21MiscellaneousTABDecorative Plate - Woman's profile by J. MongFrance w/ mark of CAn/a
22MiscellaneousTABDecorative Plate - Othello by Walter PagetVictoria Carlsbad Austrian/a
23MiscellaneousTABDecorative Plate - Sapphire by Carl LarsenVictoria Carlsbad Austrian/a
24MiscellaneousTABCrystal Box w/ lid - 6.3x4.2x2.6lead crystal made in Germanyn/a
25MiscellaneousTABBrass Plate 6.5" diameterPeacock engravedn/a
26MiscellaneousTABBrown & White Transferware PotteryHuge cup and saucer no markings 4" cup 8.5" saucern/a
27DinnerwareTABDinnerwareRemaining pieces of an 8-piece setJohnson Brothers Golden Cloudn/adistributed
28DinnerwareTABchina - 12 plates onlyEnglish bone china with green floral printdistributed
29DinnerwareTABchina - setting for 12 (4 plates with chipped edges)English china, green and pink rosedistributed
30DinnerwareTABchina - two sets with serving piecesHandpainted English china with monograms (Maude's and Grace's)distributed
31FurnitureTABWooden pedestalcolumnar design, plant standn/a
32FurnitureTABPiano short upright / console, black finishn/aSara -> John
33FurnitureTABPiano benchblack finish, music compartmentn/aSara -> John
34FurnitureTABantique chest 4'h x 2.5'w x 2'd
35FurnitureTABpedestal desk2'w x 1'd
36FurnitureTABSmall cane chairpaired with pedestal desk
37FurnitureTABtable lampjadeite, small, needs rewiring
38FurnitureTABcherry sofa table5'Lx2'd
39FurnitureTABantique rocker no armsno-nail construction
40FurnitureTAB2 antique rockers with armsno-nail construction
41FurnitureTABantique chair no arms
42FurnitureTABantique chair "cathedral"orange seat
43FurnitureTABNarrow tall book case1.5w'x1'dx5'h
44FurnitureTABNarrow short book case1.5w'x1'dx3.5'h
45FurnitureTABbook case4'wx1'dx3'h
46FurnitureTABcedar chest4'w x 2' d
47FurnitureTABfloor lampsmall, needs rewiringSalvation Army
48FurnitureTABdisplay cabinet6'h x 2.5'w x 1.5'd
49FurnitureTABdesk / chestwood 2.5'wx1.5d x2.5"h
50FurnitureTABgate leg table (w/ drop leaves)3'x1.5'
51Furniture155 mbrsmall painted wood chest1.5'wx1.5'dx2.5'hAsst League
52Furniture155 mbrsmall wooden lampdark wood, small bedside lampAsst League
53Furniture155 lrglass top patio table and chairswrot iron, yellowish greenAsst League
54Furniture155 mbrcherry finish chest of drawersdark finishAsst League
55Furniture155 mbrcherry finish 2 drawer file cabinetdark finishAsst League
56Furniture155 mbrdouble bed - longpadded headboardSalv Army
57FurnitureTABround glass top bedside table
58Furniture155 lrwhite bookcase - left of fireplacewith Sale
59Furniture155 lrwhite bookcase - right of fireplacewith Sale
60Furniture155 bbrwhite bookcase - wall unitwith Sale
61FurnitureTABKLH stereo
62Furniture155 lrSony TVold trinitron from TABJohn Labahn
63Furniture155 lrsofa tableAsst League
64Furniture155 lrsofa - linen floral Asst League
65Furniture155 lrsofa - brown/goldTrash
66Furniture155 lroccasional tables - 2 danish modernAsst League
67FurnitureTABcube end table - danish modern
68Furniture155 lrtable lamp - brass ginger jar Asst League
69Furniture155 lrfireplace screen and toolswith Sale
70Furniture155 drfloor lamp w/ pleated shadeAsst League
71FurnitureTABfloor lamp - rectangle shape
72Furniture155 drfloor lamp - round shapeAsst League
73Furniture155 bbrtwin trundle bed 2 mattresses no box spring, no headboard, simple trundle metal frameAsst League
74Furniture155 bbrwood painted chest of drawers3'wx2'dx4.5'hAsst League
75FurnitureTABfloor lamp w/ goose neck
76Furniture155 bbrtable / writing desk4'x2'with Sale
77Furniture155 bbrtypewriter table2.5'x2'Asst League
78FurnitureTABmid-century table lamp
79Furniture155 bbrdanish/modern chest of drawersAsst League
80Furniture155 bbrtypewriter IBM SelelectricAsst League
81Furniture155 kitmicrowave ovenwhite counter top modeln/aDied - trash
82LinensTABLinens2 suitcasesn/a
83PicturesTABComposer at Piano#01, 18x13n/adistributed
84PicturesTABMedieval woman print#02, 8x10n/adistributed
85PicturesTABPair of B&W photos, Italy#03, 8.5x11n/adistributed
86PicturesTABOpera house, lithograph#04, 11x13n/adistributed
87PicturesTABBatique, orange cat#05, 16x20n/adistributed
88PicturesTABVenice canals, watercolor#06, 16x19n/adistributed
89PicturesTABReddish flowers, watercolor#07, 11x20n/adistributed
90PicturesTABRichard Strauss portraitblack framen/adistributed
91PicturesTABGerman street, lithograph#08, 10x13n/adistributed
92PicturesTABBlythe house, photo#09, 13x16n/adistributed
93PicturesTABBotticelli print siepia tones#10, 16x20n/adistributed
94PicturesTABTile, spinning wheel#11, 7x7n/adistributed
95RugsTABsmall tapestryBundle #1 width=25 length=34 doilly too
96RugsTABrug remnantBundle #2 width=23 length=50
97RugsTABoriental rugBundle #2 width=40 length=70
98RugsTABoriental rugBundle #2 width=30 length=54
99RugsTABoriental rugBundle #2 width=32 length=30
100RugsTABoriental runnerBundle #2 width=24 length=121
101RugsTABoriental rugBundle #3 width=36 length=43
102RugsTABoriental runnerBundle #3 width=33 length=115
103RugsTABoriental rugBundle #3 width=43 length=62
104RugsTABrug remnantBundle #3 width=13 length=50
105RugsTABoriental rugBundle #3 width=35 length=80 JEB book IV

"Got this old rug from the collection of Mr. Dick of Chicago in 1913"
106RugsTABrunnerBundle #4 width=31 length=216
107RugsTABoriental rugBundle #4 width=50 length=68
108RugsTABoriental rugBundle #4 width=35 length=40
109RugsTABoriental rugBundle #4 width=29 length=46
110RugsTABtapestryBundle #5 width=74 length=57
111RugsTABoriental rugBundle #5 width=33 length=61
112RugsTABoriental rugBundle #5 width=53 length=83 JEB book not numbered (last page)

"This is a funeral or grave rug and was bought from Moradian in 1905. He had used it as a display sign in his business for a long time"
113RugsTABoriental rugBundle #6 width=46 length=67 JEB book VI

"This rug came from the Musee D'Orient in new York, when same was closed in 1914"
114RugsTABoriental rugBundle #6 width=36 length=42
115RugsTABoriental rugBundle #6 width=47 length=57 JEB book XI

"Bought in Constantinople in 1911"
116RugsTABoriental rugBundle #6 width=49 length=69 JEB book XXIII

"Surband - Mir 1st rug bought - or very early - bought from Robert Grant 1915"
117RugsTABoriental rugBundle #7 width=34 length=45 JEB book VIII

"From Nahigian Bros Gallery, Chicago in 1915. This rug hung in the Art Institute of Chicago as a loaned piece for two years."
Sara -> John
118RugsTABoriental rugBundle #7 width=52 length=67 JEB book IX

"From Grant Galleries, Chicago, in 1912. Dr. Gonsaulus once owned this rug."
*** END ***